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Any company can sell you a product, but what can make the difference between success and failure is what happens after the sale. That is where the strong service reputation of a company plays an integral part. Advanced Car Wash Systems has that strong reputation.  While nobody is perfect we still strive for perfection. Since 1986, we have continued to improve and expanded our service department.

We have invested considerable amounts of money and time into developing tools that would allow us to serve our customers better. One such tool would be our proprietary CallLog software. All calls for service, at any of our offices are entered into our CallLog system in real-time. The call can then be assigned to a service technician who can access the system from his laptop to add any notes or close the call, allowing the offices to see in real-time the status of a service call for any customer. There are numerous advantages for us and the customer in using the CallLog system,  we list just a few below:

Allows us to see the current status of all calls and how quickly we have responded or if we have resolved the call.
All calls are recorded in the customer’s history file that can be accessed at any time for reference in the future. Allows for an accurate service history on each site. It’s not left to someone’s memory of when and who replaced what part on what machine.


As well these reports are available to customers.