Gold Line Autocashier

Gold Line

Hamilton's new Gold Line® Autocashiers give you all the options you've been looking for. It's a simple concept based on addition. You can choose from a variety of bill acceptors and coin acceptors. If you'd like, you can add our credit card acceptor, receipt printer, lighted stainless steel hood assembly, or the HCS that features pay-at-pump capabilities.

Hamilton Gold Line® Autocashiers are easy to service and easily adaptable. When you're ready to add options, we're ready for you. The Autocashier is one of the most versatile paystations around, which translates into more options, more long-term savings, and greater ease of operation.

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HTK (Hamilton Transaction Kiosk)



As a business owner what is most important to you? Is it your customer's Convenience? The Security of the machine? Or, more Marketing capabilities? Now Hamilton offers you all three in one BIG machine, the HTK.


With the added security features the HTK offers more peace of mind with a High Security Door, Separate locked cash chamber, Password Required/Protected, E-mail or Text Notifications, Exterior & Interior Locks, and a Security Camera.


For the business owners' convenience: The HTK offers access via the Internet to view and print audit reports, clear soft errors, change prices and display messages. With an array of payment & dispensing options such as:


Put the HTK to work for you. The contemporary graphic display offers the ability to increase customer loyalty, promote different areas of your business and cross advertise with businesses and charitable organizations in the area.

Standard Features:

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D.A.N. System

The Data Access Network, or D.A.N., is a powerful network that will provide you with greater through-put, more ways to attract loyal customers and a more convenient method of keeping track of your money. D.A.N. comes preloaded with all of the software needed to achieve greater levels of productivity from your business, including the Microsoft XP Professional® Operating System.

The Data Access Network brings your wait for high speed credit card processing to an end! Is an average of five seconds or less to clear a credit card fast enough? All you need is a high speed Internet connection at the site. It’s just that easy to increase your through-put and reduce customer wait time.

By networking D.A.N. with your Gold Line® Autocashiers and your Hamilton Changers, you can remotely manage your site from the comfort of your favorite chair. Find out instantly how much money the machines have accepted or their operational status without leaving your home or office. Electronic audit reports can be transferred to an accounting program for further manipulation of the data.

Reconfiguring your Autocashier is just as easy. With the new variable price structuring feature, you can set your Autocashier to change prices automatically on a daily or weekly basis. You can also change the messages on your scrolling display to advertise daily specials.

The Data Access Network can provide you with more ways to attract loyal customers with fleet and gift cards, greater through-put using high speed credit card processing and keeps you connected to your business with remote communication to your Hamilton equipment.

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